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Lava Lytics


Lava Web can integrate analytics into your website providing you with all the data you need to make calculated marketing and strategic business decisions.

In laymens terms, you can check out who has been visiting your page, when, how and why. You can create Goals and track conversions. You can track unlimited number of websites, and create users with permission to view or administrate one or several websites.


What makes Lava Lytics unique from the competition:

  1. Real time web analytics reports: in Lava Lytics, reports are by default generated in real time. For high traffic websites, you can choose the frequency for reports to be processed (more info)
  2. You own your web analytics data: because Lava Lytics is installed on your server, the data is stored in your own database and you can get all the statistics using the powerful Lava Lytics API
  3. Modern, easy to use User Interface: you can fully customize your dashboard, drag and drop widgets you want to display.
  4. Advanced Web Analytics capabilities such as Ecommerce Tracking, Goal tracking, Campaign tracking, Email Reports and more.

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