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If you want a website that you could change the content yourself with ease, then Lava CMS "content management system" is the product for you. Build the content of your website the way you visulise it without any programming knowledge or experience.

Lava CMS has been built utitilising modern technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 ensuring fast loading, ease of use and superior performance. Change the look and functions in a matter of minutes. Designed to make both site owners and visitors happy. AJAX -based contact and register orm offers the latest technology within the product.

  • Administrator Panel

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      Lava CMS clean adminstation panel is easy to follow and has a "follow me" menu display. The menu display detatches when you scorll down a page to ensure you can hace access to it from no matter where you are.

  • Editor

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      Make changes instantly easily, with an optional "what you see is what you get" feature. If you are familliar with "word" document edtiting you will find it easy to edit your pages like a professional.

  • Template Based

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      Lava Web can re-design graphical elements of your website and make the changes instantly. ie. if you change your logo it can be imlpimented with the minimal of fuss.

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